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O que é um Serviço de Tradução Juramentada em Italiano?

A Certified English Translator is the one who was approved in a public tender, and therefore is enrolled in a Commercial Board in Brazil. By doing so, this person is enabled to perform sworn English translations, a type of translation recognized worldwide. This professional is recognized as a public translator by the Commercial Board where he or she was enrolled in. Each Commercial Board of every state of the country provides a list of certified English translators on its website, for consultation.

Every certified English translator is registered in both English and Portuguese. They can perform certified translations in both pairs: Portuguese/English and English/Portuguese. The English translation is organized on letterhead, signed, and stamped by the certified English translator (also called sworn English translator) .


The certified English translator, who may be native or Brazilian, is always fluent in
both languages, performs the sworn Portuguese translation (or from Portuguese to
English) with complete fidelity to the original document. This part of the process is
essential because the translator will sign the documents on behalf of the
government, so the translation has international validity and public faith.

The execution of the service is quite simple: after having access to the original
documents, the sworn translator performs the adequate translation and then, the
client can get the document in our office, or in person. After the emission, the
translation has international value. For example, a person who wants an emergency
American visa will need the certified translation service that will be requested by
the American consulate. Do you know how to apply for the emergency American
visa? Espanglish can assist you. Count on us as your Certified English to Portuguese
Translator in Sao Paulo!

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