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Chinese Translation

Over a billion people speak Chinese as a maternal language (one fifth of the global population). The Chinese language is a family of languages ​​that has several dialects, many of them incomprehensible to each other. The main variants of Chinese are Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, and Min. Chinese (Mandarin) is the primary language for much of northern and southwestern China. Wu is spoken in the Shanghai region. Cantonese is used mainly in Guangdong province and in the administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau and it is commonly used in Chinese communities established in western countries.
Mandarin is the basis of standard Chinese, the official language used in the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of China (Taiwan) and is also one of the official languages ​​at the United Nations.

Chinese Translation

We are a company specialized in:

  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation
  • Also, technical and certified translation from Portuguese to Mandarin (Chinese) and from Mandarin to Portuguese, as well as other language pairs

Document Translation to Chinese

We provide translations of all types from Chinese to Portuguese, made by professional and expert Chinese translators. Our translation services are offered to companies that need a fast and quality service, guaranteeing unique quality standards and one of the most competitive prices in the market

Chinese – Portuguese Translators

Our Chinese (Mandarin) translators are selected according to different skills and areas of expertise, but always committed to detail and quality. We work with translators who are proud of their work and who have a genuine interest in their clients. Total secrecy, on time delivery and excellent cost-benefit.

Simultaneous Translation and other types of Interpretation in Mandarin

Count on native Chinese-speaking interpreters to guarantee the success of your event. We offer Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation services in Chinese in the 27 states of the country, in forums, seminars, technical visits, commerce, trainings and all kinds of conferences. Ask for your quote with no additional cost.

Technical translations Mandarin - Portuguese

Espanglish has translation services for technical, legal, and financial documents in Chinese, always collaborating with other Chinese translation companies and translators. We translate Chinese documents, from manuals, legal texts, contracts, legislation, and declarations to medical and scientific documents.

Certified Chinese Translation

It is the translation performed by a public translator, legally required in Brazil for official documents in public offices.

Chinese Website Translation

We translate websites into Mandarin and ensure a translated website that gives prestige to your company, with clear and intelligent texts that present your organization and your products or services in a serious and professional way

Chinese Subtitling

At Espanglish Translations, the Subtitling Service is offered in almost 20 languages.

This Service consists of translation by overlapping subtitles.

The Subtitling Service always demands exclusive attention to each line and meaning, for example, a scene in Chinese, when translated into Portuguese, can be longer or shorter when pronounced, so it must be adapted according to its meaning and specially the timing, so it does not lose synchrony

Chinese Text Proofreading

Espanglish offers, in addition to translation services in several areas, proofreading Chinese texts (or texts in other languages) or Portuguese texts translated into another languages with a reduced cost to perfect the contents of documents, thereby allowing companies with Chinese skilled professionals to optimize their investments by reducing publishing time

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