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Curitiba is the capital of Paraná State. It has gone through several urban plans and
legislations that sought to control its development, this has made it internationally
famous for its urban innovations and environmental protection. The city, with its large
industry, is one of the largest manufacturing centers in the country. The immigrants
who came from Europe were the ones who started the industrialization in the
beginning of the 19th century.

Head Office Curitiba

What does a translation company offer in Curitiba?

Are you looking for a translation agency in Curitiba? Espanglish is here to help you.
With services in technical translation, sworn versions and translations (certified translations), translation of technical manuals, transcription of videos and audios, translation of legal English, scientific articles, revision of texts, technical translation of installation manuals, simultaneous translation service (both equipment rental and interpreters), and consecutive translation, we can conclude that we are one of the most developed translation companies in Brazil.

Where to find a translation company in Curitiba, Brazil?

Espanglish Translations is located in one of the best areas in the city, Vila Izabel
neighborhood, 10 minutes from downtown.

Espanglish, a written and simultaneous translation company offers the citizens of
Curitiba certified (sworn), technical, simultaneous, subtitling, proofreading,
translation of scientific articles and much more, in English, Spanish, Japanese,
Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Polish and over 30 languages.

Professionalism, good prices, confidentiality and compliance with deadlines are Espanglish Translations main characteristics.

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Are you looking for a translation company in Curitiba?

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