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Dutch Translation

Dutch is a West Germanic language, closely related to German and with many similarities to English. It is spoken by over 22 million people worldwide.
Dutch is an official language in the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao and Saint Marten. Furthermore, it is closely related to Afrikaans (spoken in South Africa) and is also used in Indonesia, where some of the older inhabitants still speak Dutch.

Dutch Translation

Espanglish is specialized in these services:

  • Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Legal and commercial translations from Portuguese – Dutch and Dutch – Portuguese, in addition to other language pairs
  • Espanglish dedicates to improve communication within institutions

Document Translation to Dutch

Translations of the most varied documents in Dutch, carried out by an experienced Dutch translator and other proven experts. Our translations are aimed at corporations that need a fast and competent service, ensuring international quality standards and the best cost benefit ratio.

Dutch - Portuguese Translators

Translation is a human process, so our Dutch translators are selected according to their skills and areas of expertise, always being attentive to details and quality. We work with translators who are proud of their profession and who have a genuine interest in seeing their customers satisfied.

Simultaneous Translation and other types of Interpretation in Dutch

Count on Dutch interpreters to attend your conference who will guarantee its quality and prestige. Espanglish provides simultaneous Dutch Translation (Interpretation) services in all states of the country (at conventions, workshops, technical visits, and courses).

Technical Dutch – Portuguese Translations

Technical Dutch document translations are offered in collaboration with other translation agencies and Dutch translators in Sao Paulo and other cities. We translate Dutch documents, from manuals, instructions, legal texts, contracts, and reports, to medical and scientific articles.

Certified Dutch Translation

It is the official translation in Brazil, legally required throughout the country for official documents in public institutions.

Dutch Website Translation

We are specialized in translating websites into the Dutch language. We deliver a website translated into modern and original Dutch that makes your company’s business grow, with clear and convincing texts in the presentation of your company and its articles or services.

Dutch Subtitling

Espanglish Translations presents its Subtitling Service in the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world.

Subtitling is a subtitle translation.

Any Subtitling Service requires detailed attention to every phrase and meaning. The phrases need to be adjusted according to their meaning and, above all, according to the time in which they are spoken, to maintain synchronism.

Revisão de Textos em Holandês

Espanglish, in addition to translation services, also offers the service of proofreading translations in Dutch and other languages, as well as proofreading texts in Portuguese, translated from other languages, as a low cost alternative to validate the content of the texts and allow the companies that have competent Dutch translators in their structures, to optimize their investments, therefore reducing delivery and publishing time.

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