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Hebrew Translation

Hebrew (עברית, ivrit) is a Semitic language. The Torah (Pentateuch), which the Jews believe was written in the time of Moses, almost 3,400 years ago, was written in “classic” Hebrew. After the first destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians in 586 B.C., classical Hebrew was replaced in daily use by Aramaic, first becoming a regional lingua franca, used liturgically, in the study of Mishnah and in commerce.

Hebrew was orally reborn during the late 19th and early 20th centuries as modern Hebrew, adopting some elements of Arabic, Ladino and Yiddish, as the language spoken by most of the people living in the State of Israel, of which it is the official language (as well as Arabic).

We are a translation agency focused on simultaneous, consecutive, and whispered translation services, as well as in certified Hebrew translation, legal, religious, and commercial translation from Portuguese-Hebrew and Hebrew – Portuguese, in addition to other language pairs.

Hebrew Translation

Hebrew Document Translation

You and your organization can now translate all types of documents into Hebrew thanks to our competent and responsible translators. Our translation services are aimed at companies that need a fast and efficient service, ensuring the highest quality standards and at an always competitive price. Biblical Hebrew, books on religion and all kinds of material about Israel

Hebrew - Portuguese translators

Translation is a human process, which leads us to select our Hebrew translators in a careful way – they are competent and specialized, committed to quality and fidelity. We work with translators who love their work and have a genuine interest in you and your goals.

Hebrew Simultaneous Translation

If your event needs native Hebrew-speaking interpreters, Espangilsh Translations will offer you simultaneous, consecutive, and whispered interpretation services in Hebrew throughout Brazil, at seminars, technical visits, and all kinds of conferences.

Technical Hebrew - Portuguese Translations

We offer translations of Hebrew technical, legal, and biblical documents, in collaboration with other Hebrew translators. We translate Hebrew documents, such as manuals, religious texts, contracts, IT related documents and statements.

Certified Hebrew Translation

Translation performed by a public translator, legally required across the country for official documents in public institutions.

Hebrew Website Translation

We translate websites into Hebrew. We deliver a Hebrew website that optimizes your business, presenting your organization and services.

Hebrew Subtitling

Hebrew Subtitling Service is better off when done by Espanglish.

Translation of subtitles.

Each Subtitling Service deserves meticulous dedication to every phrase and every meaning, also timing is essential

Revisão de Textos em Coreano

Espanglish Translations also offers you a service of proofreading texts in Hebrew and other languages, ​​or proofreading Portuguese texts translated from other languages, through the work of professionals trained in the Hebrew language (and others), in order to optimize your investments and reduce deadlines

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