Translated Languages

Espanglish Translations’ mission is to build bridges in the global world, through its diverse oral and written translation services. In addition to the presented languages, we also perform translations in other languages such as Sweden, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Romanian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Tagalog, Hindi, Indonesian, Farsi and Thai. So, we can say that there are more than 30 languages ​​translated byEspanglish.

At the same time we adapt to the requests of our customers who often require specific variants for their services, such as, for example: translation from Portuguese to British English, translation from Portuguese to Spanish from Latin America or translation into Arabic from Egypt or from another particular country. We also offer the LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language) interpretation service for events and training.

Translated Languages
  • English Translation

    Tradução de Inglês

    In need of simultaneous translation? Scientific articles in English? Sworn translation? These and many other services:

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  • Spanish Translation

    Tradução de Espanhol

    Do you need a technical translation? Sworn Spanish translation, interpreter service, subtitles and much more, will be found here:

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  • French Translation

    Tradução de Francês

    Specialized in French: simultaneous translation, sworn translation, simple and technical translations, subtitling and much more!

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  • Polish Translation

    Tradução de Polonês

    Do you need sworn translation in Polish? Or maybe proofreading, interpreting, or subtitling service? Check out:

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  • German Translation

    Tradução de Alemão

    Do you have a German text and need to translate it? We do all kinds of German - Portuguese and Portuguese - German translations.

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  • Italian Translation

    Tradução de Italiano

    Do you need to do a sworn or simple Italian translation of your documents? Italian - Portuguese and Portuguese - Italian.

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  • Portuguese Translation (Portugal)

    Tradução de Português de Portugal

    Experience in adapting texts between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese, as some words and structures are different.

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  • Russian Translation

    Tradução de Russo

    Sworn translation in Russian? Need for an interpreter? Russian-Portuguese and Portuguese- Russian translation of all kinds.

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  • Dutch Translation

    Tradução de Holandês

    Professional Dutch translation: sworn translation, subtitling, interpreters, proofreading and all types of translation.

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  • Turkish Translation

    Tradução de Turco

    The best in Turkish translation services: interpreters, sworn and simple translation, subtitling and proofreading, check out:

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  • Arabic Translation

    Tradução de Árabe

    In need of a sworn Arabic translation? Espanglish: Arabic-Portuguese and Portuguese-Arabic interpreters and written translation.

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  • Korean Translation

    Tradução de Coreano

    Korean technical translation? Sworn translation service? Korean translation of all types throughout Brazil.

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  • Hebrew Translation

    Tradução de Hebraico

    Sworn Hebrew translation. Legal texts, interpreter service and much more, you will find at Espanglish.

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  • Chinese Translation

    Tradução de Chinês

    Espanglish performs certified Mandarin translation, Chinese manual translation, Chinese interpreter service, and much more!

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  • Japanese Translation

    Tradução de Japonês

    Looking for Japanese translation? Technical translation, interpreter service, simple translation, subtitling and much more!

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