Spanish Translation

The Spanish language originated in the medieval kingdom of Castilla. In Spain and Hispanic America, the language is also known as Castilian, because of the name of its origin region. Other languages ​​are also spoken in Spain, such as Catalan, Galician, and Basque, in the respective regions of Catalonia, Galicia and the Basque Country.

By the end of the 15th century, the language expanded across the newly discovered American continent. Currently, in addition to Spain, the language is officially spoken in another 20 countries.

Spanish Translation

Spanish Document Translation

Translations of all types of documents written in Spanish, made by translators with proven experience. We translate for companies that need a fast and professional service, reaching the utmost quality standards at a more than attractive price, thus becoming a cost-effective model within the world of translations.

Spanish - Portuguese Translators

The act of translating is a human procedure. For this reason, our Spanish translators are carefully chosen – we work with Spanish translators with the most diverse skills and areas of expertise, committed to the quality and urgency that you and your corporation need. Our professionals are proud of their work and have a genuine interest in their client’s needs.

Spanish Simultaneous Translation and other types of Interpretation

Count on your event with Spanish, Latin American or Brazilian interpreters, all highly experienced in the Spanish language, who will bring you success and satisfaction. Espanglish Translations offers its Simultaneous and Consecutive Spanish Interpretation services nationwide, for all types of speeches (conferences, forums, seminars, workshops, symposiums, and all types of trainings).

Technical Spanish - Portuguese Translations

We are professionals engaged in ​​Spanish translation services (technical, financial, scientific, manuals, videos, leaflets, etc.). Our documents translated from Spanish have vocabulary from all areas of society, science, and industry (technical manuals, legal texts, contracts, legislation, reports, medical and scientific documents).

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