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Rental equipment for simultaneous translation

Are you looking for a company that works with simultaneous interpretation equipment rental ? Get to know Espanglish Translations. The sound, transmission and reception of audio equipment are essential parts for a simultaneous translation of great quality. The interpreters need to hear the speaker well, the sound needs to be clear and pure, and in the same direction, the audience, that usually listens to the translation the entire day, deserves a high-quality sound. The translation booth must completely isolate the sound of the voices of the interpreters. Therefore, choosing new equipment updated with cutting edge technology is crucial.

Espanglish Simultaneous Translation, through experienced and structured partners, provides everything you need for the sound of you event. The Rental of Equipment of Simultaneous Translation with high quality and experienced technical service is one of our differentials!

Rental equipment for simultaneous translation

We also count on technical staff to set up the booths and hostess to deliver the translation devices so that you, the event organizer, do not have to worry. This way we can help you and your company so that the simultaneous translation is a success. Make sure that in your conference, you count on the rental of equipment for simultaneous translation with the best cost benefit ratio.

Simultaneous Translation Booth

This is the most suitable format for simultaneous interpretation, both from the point of view of the interpreters and the audience.

Interpreters and equipment stay inside the simultaneous translation soundproof booth and make the translation to the audience. The interpreters’ audio is captured, transmitted, and heard through the audience’s headphones. In short, the interpreter is heard perfectly, but is not seen.

In the complete translation booth, the interpreter has a table where one can set a laptop with lexicons and PowerPoint presentations, controls to increase or decrease the volume of the speaker’s voice, pause for cough button, customized lighting to read speeches and other resources to enhance concentration, thereby facilitating performance.

The simultaneous translation booth is regularly positioned in the back of the room, or someplace else where the interpreter can have a good view of the stage. Theaters and more modern auditoriums may include a fixed cabin in its architectural project, usually in the technical area, away from the auditorium.

This is the solution for events held in medium to large rooms. The general rule is that any room with a free space of approximately 2,5 m x 2,5 m can fit a translation booth with great results. Multiple simultaneous translation booths can be set up in the same room, depending on the number of languages ​​used in the conference.

Another possible format for smaller rooms that do not fit a simultaneous translation booth, is the screen. Although it does not have perfect isolation, the voice of the interpreters is muffled inside the metal and glass screen and therefore does not disturb the audience. Learn more about our simultaneous translation equipment rental service through our contacts: / (41) 3308-9498

Portable Simultaneous Translation Equipment

Practical, light, and economic. That is the mini portable equipment for simultaneous translation Espanglish uses, and it works without the need for the booth or screen. Suitable for small meetings in small spaces and for escort translating in noisy or open environments, such as factories and field visits. One of the main benefits of the mini equipment is that it is compact and completely portable. The interpreter accompanies the guided visitation and uses a portable transmitter with microphone and the listeners follow the speech of the speaker in the voice of the interpreter without difficulties, through the individual receiver.

The simultaneous translation portable kit is also the ideal choice for meetings with up to 25 people in closed spaces. The assembly and distribution of portable equipment, also called mini equipment, requires only a few minutes and is usually done by the interpreter. The acoustic quality for the listeners is impeccable and the cost is more attractive than other alternatives, such as the booth and screen. Espanglish provides with its Simultaneous Translation Service simultaneous translation portable equipment for lease.

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We will help you choose the right equipment for your next international conference. Get in touch with Espanglish Translations through our WhatsApp to make a free quote. Count on our rental of simultaneous translation equipment throughout Brazil.

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