Translation of Scientific Articles

With our translation of scientific articles, you write your article in Portuguese and our professional translators translate it and make it ready to be published in English, Spanish or another language. This way you can improve your chances of being published in high impact journals, saving time, money, and concerns.

Our translators are inserted in the academic community, with solid experience in scientific research and reports. Therefore, they know the particularities of the exclusive academic writing in their fields of study, English, Spanish and other languages.

Translation of Scientific Articles

Many people ask us: what is the cost per page of a translation? The price of a translation is calculated per laudas or per word because it is not possible to calculate it per page, because the size of the font and the volume of the content will vary between jobs and also, there are jobs that present figures or charts.

Academic Translation

Academic experts dedicate a lot of time creating a scientific article, so the choice of a scientific articles translation company is crucial to execute this type of service, so the English translation of the document reflects faithfully what the author wishes to express. By doing so, the professional will increase the reach of publications that can present his article, therefore getting international recognition. It is an investment that brings rewards. Count on our service of translation from Portuguese to English.

The translation of scientific articles cannot be performed by amateurs, it needs to be executed by a specialized agency. The professional translators at Espanglish Translations offer services of scientific articles translation to English. They have the experience and technique required to attain the quality you wish for. We have clients in universities and colleges from the South to the North of Brazil.

Advantages of the Scientific Article Translation

Upon translating your articles, you increase your chances of reaching new people interested in your work, achieving several advantages:

  • Submission of articles to renowned international publications, and if they are published, it can boost your academic career.
  • With a variety of publications, the chances of your work being read by more members of the academic community increase.
  • To receive invites to academic workshops, where the presentation of your articles can reach a specific audience and widen your reach.
  • Would you like to know the average price for translation per word? We will be waiting for your call!

Research Fields

These are some of the research areas for which we have professional article translators:

  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Business Administration
  • Biology
  • Agriculture
  • Legal
  • Foreign Trade
  • Ambiental Sciences
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Architecture
  • Geography
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Pedagogy
  • History
  • Nursing

International Scientific Publications

Currently there are many publications and scientific journals to which you can submit your articles. In the CAPES Portal, of the Brazilian government, it is possible to access most of these journals and check which ones you would like to contact.

It is important to check the impact factor of the publication, which is the indicator that measures the relevance of the scientific publication based on the number of citations of its published articles.

In addition to article translation services, Espanglish Translations has experience translating different types of projects to meet the needs of the academic community:

  • Theses
  • Abstracts
  • Academic Books
  • Dissertations
  • Technical Documents
  • Monographs

Most of our clients want to know how much a translation from Portuguese to English costs. Contact us to receive a quote without any obligation!

Scientific Articles Proofreading

For those academics with knowledge of the English language and who made the initial translation of their works, we offer the service of scientific articles proofreading, focusing on the language question of the scientific translation and formatting for publication in scientific journals. We have native professionals, who are well trained to help increase your chances to have your article published by the journal you desire.

Get to know Espanglish Translations, the partner of your endeavors, with dedicated professionals and vast experience with clients of all sizes to sustain your professional and academic development.

Espanglish Translations, the best cost-benefit ratio!

How much does a Scientific Article Translation cost?

When preparing the quote for scientific article translation the following factors are considered:

  • 1

    Quantity of words in the article, that can be calculated per lauda. We hereby present the different sizes of laudas used in Brazil:

    Literary translation:

    30 lines with up to 70 characters
    30 lines 70 characters = 2,100 characters
    Sworn Translation: standard lauda
    25 lines x 50 characters = 1,250 characters

    Besides the lauda, the calculation of the price for the scientific article translation can be made per quantity of words. The text references usually are not charged because they do not need translation.

    Consult our English resumé translation service.

  • 2

    Another factor that affects the quote of translation services is the language. In general, more complex languages such as Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin or Russian will have a higher cost if compared to a scientific article translation in Spanish, which is not as complex.

  • 3

    Lastly, the Urgency factor. If a translation is requested to be executed in a shorter time than usual, it will imply the urgency fee.
    Espanglish Translations also performs theses and dissertation translation service, as well as abstract (summary) translations, academic books translation, technical documents and sworn translation and monography translation.

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