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What is it?

Video Subtitling is the insertion of phrases synchronized with the images that show up in the video.
The translation is reproduced as subtitles that appear on the bottom of the screen.


Why would I need subtitling service?

A subtitling service is needed whenever a film, documentary, institutional video, training video, video lesson, YouTube video, or any type of audiovisual material needs to be translated for the understanding of different audiences who are not fluent in the original language of the video.

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Subtitling is an important service

The subtitling service is important whenever a professional translation of videos, movies, documentaries, video lessons and training are necessary. For the meaning to be well adjusted without interfering with the original, texts go through the process of insertion and synchronization with the audio and image in the video.

How are the subtitles produced by Espanglish Translations?


We offer the best video translation to our customers, delivering a high-quality translation, whether it is in English or any other language.

These are some of the essential differentials for an excellent subtitling service: experienced translators well trained to understand all kinds of vocabulary used in the original language of the video, professional translators trained to operate in several subtitling areas, adequate subtitle insertion on the screen, correct subtitle exposure timing, and discernment while choosing the coloring of the subtitle.
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Value-added subtitling service

All employees and translators at Espanglish Translations try to satisfy our clients with our work, fulfilling their wishes about specifications, requirements, and objectives.

To make it possible and to provide a work that can make our clients proud, our subtitling company adheres to certain standards:



  • 1

    Direct communication with customers to understand needs and explain questions;

  • 2

    Planning construction according to the client's objectives and tastes;

  • 3

    Elaboration of a detailed review.

How can Espanglish Translations help my company with the subtitling service?

Our company’s services aspire to achieve the best result. Video translation can only be produced by dedicated expert professionals, who seek the satisfaction of our clients as a priority. Do you want to know the benefits of hiring Espanglish to subtitle your video?

a)We have the best professionals in the translation market.
b)We provide a high-quality service at a fair price.
c) We meet the agreed upon deadlines.
d) We have experts trained to achieve objectives related to diverse areas such as: science, technology, and culture.


What areas do we normally serve?

Because of our wide knowledge in the subtitling world in the most diverse languages, we work with companies in several areas: Civil Construction, Pharmaceutical Industry; Information technology (IT); Foreign trade; Automotive industry and many others.

How much does the video subtitling service cost?

The price of the subtitling service is calculated taking into account the following factors:
a) Technical complexity
b) Languages to be translated
c) Video length
d) Delivery time

What is the execution time for the video subtitling service?

The delivery time of our video subtitling company is established considering the length of the film, the languages ​​of the video and the technical difficulty. If your need is urgent, it is possible to speed up the result by paying an urgency fee.

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