Espanglish Translations offers its proofreading service which seeks the improvement
of the text by making syntactic and grammatical corrections, as well as checking its
plainness, coherence, and ease. That is why, in this process, proofreaders at
Espanglish Translations focus on fluidity, typing or writing errors and details that may
affect the content of the work. They also focus on accuracy and correct terminology
usage, key factors needed for the quality of the text.


There are many clients who contact Espanglish Translations requiring translations from Brazilian Portuguese to European Portuguese (and from PT Portuguese to BR Portuguese). This type of translation does not exist since the Portuguese language is one and only, regardless of the country where it is used. Espanglish Translations can help you by performing the interlingual adaptation and proofreading the text to Brazilian Portuguese.

The Espanglish’s English Proofreading services were designed to serve any particular type of need. So, we can guarantee your document will be legible and appropriately written, which is indispensable when submitting it to a scientific journal. The decision about which service is more appropriate will be subject, primarily, to the English level the text is written in.

The documents are proofread by a professional editor, English native and expert in the specific knowledge area.

How does the proofreading service work?

Several stages of the proofreading service


    The objective of the simple proofreading is the spell and grammar check of the content.

    The service also considers the text formatting. Check the price for the translation per page.


    Besides the basic proofreading, we perform a complete analysis of cohesion and concordance of the material, for example, book translation service. Consult our prices.


    If all you need is to adjust the visual part of the text, to adapt it to some specific formatting type, or even to follow ABNT rules, this is the service you need.


    Looking for proofreading in English or another language? Our team is ready to perform this service.

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