Legal Translation

First, it is important to distinguish certified and legal translation. A certified translation (also known as sworn translation) can address all kinds of topics, including the legal area, but it needs to be performed by a certified translator and commercial interpreter (public translator),to be considered an official document. When it comes to legal translation, it deals with legal matters specifically and often there is no need to be performed by a certified translator.

Amidst the various types of technical translation, legal translation is the most challenging type for professional translators. Being highly specific, legal translation requires the translator to be aware of the different legal systems, proficient in legal writing, a master of specific nomenclature and qualified in terminological unification.

Legal Translation

A Legal translation does not need to be a sworn translation; however, if it is a translation for official ends, it must be produced by a sworn translator from Sao Paulo or other cities in the country, with expertise in that area. Contact us to know the price of the service.

Espanglish Translations’ staff includes legal translators, professionals trained in Law as well as in Translation, fully capable of working with the most different types of legal texts, such as contracts or complex procedural documents.

Espanglish Translations’ legal translator now knows the requirements of the service:
absolute secrecy, strict delivery time and terminological accuracy. Furthermore, all
legal translations made by our team go through the filter of a detailed review and
quality control by reviewers with proven experience in the sector.

Espanglish Translations’specialized legal translators are trained to translate large amounts of text in a short period of time. Having partnered with law firms for over 20 years, we understand how to work with urgent translation and a commitment to meeting deadlines. For us, deadlines, quality, and value go together!

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