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Audio to text conversion performed by professional transcribers and proofreaders. Our company offers audio and video transcription service.

Transcription Services

Legal Verbatim Transcription

Legal or judicial verbatim transcription is needed for law firms, legal departments of
large organizations and companies, who need to analyze large amounts of footage.
This information is extracted to use in legal proceedings. These are the most frequent
audio formats that are verbatim transcribed:

  • Telephone conversations
    • Wiretapping
    • WhatsApp (Audio)
  • Audiences
    • Interrogations
    • Witness Hearing
    • Depositions
  • Meetings
    • Labor
    • Corporate
    • Council

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Meeting Minutes Transcription

Large companies, condominium administrators, associations, city halls, and
governmental officials, just to name a few, need to write down the minutes of their
protocol meetings. They need to extract the highlighted points from speech or
recorded dialogue. The most frequent formats of recorded meetings that are
transcribed to text are:

  • Meetings
    • Assembly
    • Council
    • Condominium
    • Board of Directors
    • Investors

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Market Research Transcription

Private and public entities, market research companies and strategic consultants that
do research, need to evaluate large amounts of recordings to gain valuable insight for
their reports and publications. Most common audio formats that we transcribe into

  • Telephone surveys
  • Focus Group
  • In depth interviews

Academic Research Transcription

For master’s students, doctoral students and students in general who need to analyze
large amounts of recordings to extract information from their research for their
theses. Also for those who seek to improve their study time through reading recorded
material. Frequent audio formats that we transcribe into text are:

  • Focus Group
  • In depth interviews
  • Speeches
  • Telephone surveys
  • Classes

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Events Transcription

Federations, associations, unions, suppliers of audiovisual equipment that need to
document the recording of their events in text format. These generated reports and
other documents are made available to their shareholders. Frequent audio formats
that are transcribed to text:

  • Speeches
  • Trainings
  • Interviews
  • Classes
  • Workshops

Are Edited Transcription and Verbatim Transcription different?

Verbatim transcription and edited transcription have an identical meaning: to convert
audio to text. Verbatim transcription means, in general, the exact transcript, which
means the reproduction of the spoken text (including diction flaws) and
transformation to text. On the other hand, edited transcription is the adaptation of
the spoken text to written text with some edits, so that the text conforms to written

Verbatim Transcription and Edited Transcription

In a verbatim transcription, the text depends more on the form of orality (which
often lacks fluidity), with the intent to not only pass on the content, but also how the
content was passed on. The end is a legal (interrogation, hearing, and others) or
police (wiretapping, testimony, and others) process. On the other hand, there is the
edited transcription. In it, the transcriber can make a few adjustments to make the
text more natural and truer to writing rules, replacing terms, and suppressing some

Among the performed services, we can mention:

  • a) Performing audio transcription to texts.
  • b) Verbatim audio transcription.
  • c) English transcription service.
  • d) Interview Transcription Service.
  • e) Text transcription.
  • f) Video Transcription.
  • g) Audio Verbatim Transcription service.
  • h) Video Verbatim Transcription service.

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