Simple or Free Translation

A translation can be either simple or certified.

The simple translation, also known as free translation (not sworn or certified), is the type of translation destined for non-official use and, thereby, does not need to be performed by a certified translator (public translator). This type of translation must not be used in public entities.

Translation of articles, websites, curriculums, and books are only a few examples of texts that usually do not need a sworn translation. There is also the possibility that some documents do not need a sworn translation if they are not going to be presented to public entities.

Simple or Free Translation

A simple translation, different from a sworn translation, does not have a price chart because it depends on the attributes of the document, type of text, as well as the stablished deadline. So, to prepare a quote, clients need to send us the texts for the analysis by the professional translators of Espanglish Translations.

What is the difference between Technical Translation and Simple Translation?

Both Free Translation and Technical Translation have similar characteristics. However, the difference is established in the contents of the text. Technical Translation is used for these types of documents: scientific articles, doctorate theses, manuals, company contracts, and leaflets. On the other hand, a Free Translation (or simple translation) is used for more informal vocabulary, such as magazines, recipes, letters, and novel books.

How much does it cost to translate a simple text?

A free translation quote must take into account a few elements. The most important are:

  • 1

    The amount of text in the original document.

  • 2

    The language to be translated.

  • 3

    The price might vary according to urgency fee in some cases.

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